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Arrival and Departure:
Arrival: Wednesday evening
Departure: Tuesday morning

Staying at:

Mode of Transportation:
Dolphin-colored two-door honda civic!

Room Share:
Jethro and possibly others!

Major Plans at the Con:
Making friends, going to panels, running about like a frantic chibi version of myself!

Who Will I be with:
Jethro, and maybe a few others involved in Arizona Fur Con.

What do you look like?
5'10" with blue eyes, brown hair... Boring, until you get me to open my mouth!  (Then loud, blunt, and maybe slightly offensive. :P)

What is your gender?

How old are you?

Are you in a relationship?
No, but I think I'm looking for one.

Can I talk to you?
Yes, though you should know I've been described as a rare species of rambledragon.  :P

Not yet, but maybe for Arizona Fur Con this year if I get some time to put one together...

Attending Parties:
Maybe, not really my scene most of the time.  Though if friends are there, definitely.

How best to find me:
Skype, FA Notes, AZFurs.com forum, Furizona Google Group.  Be aware that I regularly clear my Skype contacts list of people I don't talk to on a regular basis, so if I accidentally delete you, please don't take offense.

Stage Performance:
I'm not awesome enough yet...  We'll see about the future.

Very very occasionally for flavor, but not very often.  Never to the point of being drunk.

Like cancer, do ya?  I don't!

Can I touch you?
Yes, though be aware I'm still not very good at personal contact.  I'm trying to get better, but if I ask you to stop, please do so.

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
If it's caffeinated, sure.  Energy drinks and alcohol are right out, however.

Can I give you lots of money?
No.  There are plenty of furs and other folks in the world who could use it far more than I could.

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
As much as I'm a rambledragon, I'm also, secretly, a snuggledragon.  If you give someone a hug a) have it mean something, and b) don't do it from 3 feet away.

Are you nice?
I try to be.  :)

Are you cliquey?
Nope, but I do get really intensely into conversations, so it might look that way.  Don't hesitate to drag me away or inject yourself into the group!

Can I stalk you?
Oh jebus no.  I'm pretty blunt, and if you do this to me or any friend of mine, I will get up in your face about it fairly quickly.

If I see you, how should i get your attention?
Yell my name, or 'hey you,' if you don't remember it!

Can I take a picture of ya?
Yes, but I ask that it be in good taste and not abused online.

Can I steal ya away for *censored*?
Probably not.

Would ya like to get a commission done of ya?
Yes, yes, yes.

Do you take commissions?
No.  I don't have enough time to do my own writing at the moment, let alone enough for anyone else's.  >.<

Can I draw in your sketchbook?
Sure, though it'll probably be better than any of my drivel!  :P

Can I ask ya to dance with me during the dances?
Yes, but be aware that I've no idea what I'm doing!  (Doesn't mean I won't go nuts on the dance floor though!)

What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
Making friends, learning a lot, and volunteering a little.  Hopefully surviving an epic 5 day convention...
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RMFC is probably the single most fun and amazing thing I've ever been a part of.  I'm intentionally using the phrase 'been a part of' because, like most cons, a con is fundamentally the people who are there as much as it is a pre-set table of events.  I'm planning to go again next year, and to further fur cons as I am able, because it was a tremendous experience.  I'm even going to throw in some volunteer time next year, because I'd like to help keep it as awesome as possible!

Thanks to Squawk, Saberclaw, and DOPR for making the trip with me!  They were a blast to travel and party with, and I heartily recommend them to everyone's positive attentions!  Cons are way more fun with friends to share them with, and you are all great ones to have.

Some random and cool observations:

1)  I've only been to two cons before this, both only for a day (Tucson Festival of Books and Phoenix Comicon).  They're fundamentally different types of cons, but I know at least Comicon and its ilk are by far the most popular.  They're fundamentally commercial cons, with a side of cool panels.  You sort of need to know people ahead of time to have fun there.  RMFC is different because it's a about a community rather than an interest, and that makes it very special.
2)  At RMFC, you end with more friends than you started with Bloodwriter, Blackr41n, Azurii and more were awesome to hang out with and chat with.

I went from being wishy-washy about this side of myself to being proud to be a part of this community.  I want to help build what others have started, and I think we have something really quite special here. 

Thanks, everyone, and Don't Forget to Be Awesome!  :)

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Per my last minor journal, I've found a few furs (Saberclaw and Squawk) to share the ride and room up in Denver!

This is my first out of state con, first fur con, and second con ever, so I'm crazy excited!  I think it's going to be a total blast!

For bonus points, I've a Google Nexus 7 showing up in the next day or so for sketching/note-taking purposes at the con.  Let's see if I can actually improve my abilities and start producing something worth uploading to FA!

Oh, and last but not least:  I'm starting to make weekly trips up to Phoenix for the AZfurs Village Inn meets.  They're fun, low-key, and a great way to meet new friends!
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So, I'm planning to make the drive up to RMFC from Tucson in a little under two weeks, and I'm super excited! This'll be my second con ever, my first out-of-state one, and my first furry one all at the same time! I don't have a suit or hardly any artwork, but plan to change that shortly!

I'm still fairly new to the furry community, but I'm looking for someone(s) to split driving and possibly a room with. I probably should've posted about this a long time ago and not two weeks before, but the offer stands. I'm sane, friendly, and looking to make friends both online and in person, so if you're headed that way or thinking about it, drop me a line and let me know. I'm happy to swing by Phoenix on the way up, as we as before so that I can actually meet ya before the long drive.


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